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Prof. Dr.phil.nat. Walter Martin Senn

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Phone:+41 31 631 8721
Sekretariat:+41 31 631 8711
Fax:+41 31 631 4611
Address:Department of Physiology
Bühlplatz 5
3012 Bern

Selected publications

Somato-dendritic Synaptic Plasticity and Error-backpropagation in Active Dendrites. (pdf, DOI)

M. Schiess, R. Urbanczik, W. Senn

PLoS Comput Biol 12(2):e1004638, 2016

Learning by the dendritic prediction of somatic spiking. (pdf, DOI, Supplementary information)

R. Urbanczik, W. Senn

Neuron 81(3):521-528, 2014

Spatio-temporal credit assignment in neuronal population learning. (pdf, Supplementary information)

J. Friedrich, R. Urbanczik and W. Senn

PLoS Comput Biology 7(6), (2011)

Spike time-dependent plasticity and heterosynaptic competition organize networks to produce long scale-free sequences of neural activity. (pdf)

I.R. Fiete, W. Senn, C. Wang and R.H.R. Hahnloser

Neuron 65:563-576 (2010)

Adaptive gain modulation in V1 explains contextual modifications during bisection learning. (pdf)

R. Schäfer, E. Vasilaki and W. Senn

PLoS Comput Biology 5(12), (2009)

Reinforcement learning in populations of spiking neurons. (pdf, Supplementary information, Press commentaries)

R. Urbanczik and W. Senn.

Nature Neuroscience 12:250-52, (2009)

Dendritic encoding of sensory stimuli controlled by deep cortical interneurons. (pdf, Supplementary information)

M. Murayama, E. Pérez-Garci, T. Nevian, T Bock, W. Senn & ME. Larkum.

Nature 457:1137-1142 (2009)

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