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Welcome to the Department of Physiologie

Physiology is the science of the processes governing life. It describes the physical, biochemical and information processing functions of living systems at the level of the entire organism, the organs and the cells. The Department of Physiology provides under-graduate and post-graduate education for medical- and life-science students. It carries out research mainly in the field of heart- and neurophysiology. More>>


Licht in Sicht: molekularer Lichtschalter gegen Blindheit

Berner Forschenden ist es gelungen, erblindeten Mäusen das Augenlicht zurückzugeben. Dazu haben sie noch intakte Zellen der Netzhaut biotechnologisch so modifiziert, dass sie als Ersatzfotorezeptoren die Rolle der abgestorbenen Lichtsensoren im Auge übernehmen.
uniaktuell 7. Mai 2015

Schmerzen erlernen – Schmerzen vergessen?

UniPress Nr. 163, 2015

New Papers

U. Schotten, S. Hatem, U. Ravens, P. Jaïs, F.U. Müller, A, Goette, S. Rohr, G. Antoons, B. Pieske, D. Scherr, A. Oto, B. Casadei, S. Verheule, D. Cartlidge, K. Steinmeyer, T. Götsche, D. Dobrev, J. Kockskämper, U. Lendeckel, L. Fabritz, P. Kirchhof, and A.J. Camm. The European Network for Translational Research in Atrial Fibrillation (EUTRAF): objectives and initial results. Europace, 2015 DOI

Bi-Weekly Calendar of Events

Tea Talk

Tuesday 6. Oct 2015

Today:  6. Oct 2015 9:50h, tea room

Erik Nygren

Will machines take our jobs?

With recent development in machine learning and robot technology one can start to wonder if there will be any room left for humans in the working environment of the future. I will by no means try to answer this question, but rather give a short overview of some current developments.

Cardiovascular Labmeeting

Wednesday 7. Oct 2015

Tomorrow:  7. Oct 2015 9:15h, Sitzungszimmer147a

Marcel Egger

"Historical" Paper: "The role of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in Ca2+ signalling and the generation of arrhythmias in rat atrial myocytes." by Lauren Mackenzie, Martin D. Bootman, Mika Laine, Michael J. Berridge, Jan Thuring, Andrew Holmes, Wen-Hong Li, and Peter Lipp


Neuroscience Labmeeting

Wednesday 7. Oct 2015

Tomorrow:  7. Oct 2015 9:15h, tea room

Alberto Bisco

Functional effects of distinct innervation styles of pyramidal cells by fast spiking cortical interneurons. Kubota et al., 2015, eLife


Neuroscience Labmeeting

Wednesday 14. Oct 2015

Wednesday 14. Oct 2015 9:15h, tea room

Kristin Völk

Tea Talk

Tuesday 20. Oct 2015

Tuesday 20. Oct 2015 9:50h, tea room

Jan Kucera

To be announced

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