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Welcome to the Department of Physiologie

Physiology is the science of the processes governing life. It describes the physical, biochemical and information processing functions of living systems at the level of the entire organism, the organs and the cells. The Department of Physiology provides under-graduate and post-graduate education for medical- and life-science students. It carries out research mainly in the field of heart- and neurophysiology. More>>

Bi-Weekly Calendar of Events

Neuroscience Labmeeting

Wednesday 29. Oct 2014

Wednesday 29. Oct 2014 9:15h, tea room

Francesco Orsi

Information-limiting correlations


Rubén Moreno-Bote, Jeffrey Beck, Ingmar Kanitscheider, Xaq Pitkow, Peter Latham, Alexandre Pouget. [Nature Neuroscience, 2014]


Thursday 30. Oct 2014

Thursday 30. Oct 2014 11:00h, seminar room

Dr. Michele Miragoli, Nanophysiology Lab, University of Parma and Humanitas Clinical Center, Milano

Mechanoelectric transduction: New insights from the nanoscale

Host: Stephan Rohr


Thursday 30. Oct 2014

Thursday 30. Oct 2014 14:15h, seminar room

Swiss Computational Neuroscience Series

14:15 -- 15:45
Prof. Wolfgang Maass, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Technische Universität Graz
"Self-organization of networks of spiking neurons through learning"

15:45 -- 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 -- 17:45
Prof. Nathaniel Daw, Center for Neural Sciences, New York University
"Multiple reinforcement learning systems in the brain"

Host: Walter Senn

Tea Talk

Tuesday 4. Nov 2014

Tuesday 4. Nov 2014 9:50h, tea room

Ulisses Marti Mengual

To be announced

Theoretical Labmeeting

Tuesday 4. Nov 2014

Tuesday 4. Nov 2014 10:30h, seminar room

Erik Nygren

Persistent Activity in Balanced Recurrent Networks

Neuroscience Labmeeting

Wednesday 5. Nov 2014

Wednesday 5. Nov 2014 9:15h, tea room

Anand David


Friday 7. Nov 2014

Friday 7. Nov 2014 11:00h, seminar room

Dr. Helmut Kessels, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Synaptic plasticity of GluA3-containing AMPA-receptors, during anxiety and in Alzheimer’s disease

Host: Thomas Nevian

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