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Neuroscience Labmeeting

Author: Liselot Spierenburg
Title: Temporally restricted dopaminergic control of reward-conditioned movements. Lee et al. 2020, Nature Neuroscience
Today 9:15

Cardiovascular Labmeeting

Author: Lorenz Leuenberger
Title: Master Thesis presentation: Confocal calcium imaging in isolated cardiomyocytes of CPVT mice with modified RyR2 phosphorylation sites
Today 9:15

PhD Defense Pascal Leimer

A computational model for continual learning and synaptic consolidation

Author: Prof. Dr.phil.nat. Walter Senn
Location: Seminarraum
Mon 27. January 2020 13:00

PR Akira

Author: Akira Nomura
Author: Akira Nomura, Institut für Physiologie, Universität Bern
Title: Identifying the link between Caveolin-1 and Atrial Fibrillation
Location: Teeraum
Wed 29. January 2020 9:15

Neuroscience Labmeeting

Author: Constanze Raltschev
Title: To be announced
Wed 5. February 2020 9:15

NeuroMeetup Talk

Neuroscience of sleep and development

Author: Camille Gontier
Info: >>
Location: Seminarraum
Wed 5. February 2020 17:00 - 19:00

Lunch talk

Speaker: TBC

Author: Camille Gontier
Location: Teeraum
Thu 6. February 2020 12:00